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This week's event is gonna be rather Evangelion-esque. Something or someone is going to dig out your character's fears, make them walk waking nightmares...except for those who are suspiciously absent. So think about what they're scared of :-3
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New Kid~

HI GUYS. I'm Vehira, brand spankin' new here, and I come bringing yall Alfred F. Jones from Axis Powers Hetalia! He's better known as America, but shh, there are no personified countries here.

He's a senior with a whopping hero complex, a knack for inventing stuff, and his one true love is the United States of America (next to freedom/liberty/justice/pursuit of happiness/etc)~ he's got a Glorium borg named Tony, despite said borg being a girl.

I hope yall enjoy him, I look forward to playing with yall! ♥
I've got my eye on you.

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Hey, so, I figured I'd give a heads up, since I know I've caught folks in chat but I don't know if I've talked to everybody.

There's been a minor change in management—Dagger is no longer with us, and Hedge has picked me as a secondary mod.

Siegfried reporting

Hey it's Kamikaze and I'll be playing Siegfried from Soul Callbur when he was 16, pretty much just after he accidently beheaded his father. I altered his background a little to fit the time zone and context of the game. He doesn't carry that gaint sword, he has experience with guns, and instead of looking for Soul Edge he is looking for the most powerful alien clan he can get his hands on. His problems are still the same, however, he's basically psychologically unstable, he suffers from delusions that his father's murderer is someone other than himself and he has vowed to kill the murderer. His personality remains cocky, arrogant, and goal-orientated.