Hello, all! This is Vorgo here. Haven't been in an RP for a while, but I'm glad Ten Rainyday (an old friend of mine) showed me this one. I will be playing Theodore_Poole the Skinlick if you haven't noticed the name, and I will be using my skill for producing laughs and confusion to bring him to life.

Backity back!

Hello everyone!

Its Dagger here, the goofy main-mod here and player of Megumi Hisakawa and I just got to apologize for my absence here. A lot of bad issues came up during the same time I was starting Alien Party and finally most of these issues finally got resolved. I am going to do a harder job to stay active within this community as well as find us some fellow players!

I have seen we gotten a few new folks here, so "Hi!" to you guys too.

Also, we may be having another event soon to breathe some life within this game. Just sit tight!

Megumi will torture you all, eventually.


Darkness smiling.

Hello, hello!

I'll be playing your first OC, it looks like. Meet Roxie! She's a little broken, so you might want to handle with care. I'm also playing a similar but not at all identical version of her over in trans_9.

As for me, I'm Su (anagramarye on AIM, if you need to contact me). Nice to meetcha.
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New Rules change:

Me and Dagger have decided that we're going to allow Original Characters on a limited basis. OCs may be both students and teachers and may be members of the Alien Party. These are the conditions of acceptance for OCs:

1: The apper must have read volumes 1-3 of the Alien 9 manga (Emulators not required) and/or have watched all four episodes of the OVA. Anyone wanting a link to an online copy of the OVA (the original company is now defunct) can contact us mods and we'll happily give you one.

2: We will be very strict with OC applications, especially checking for Mary/Gary Sue traits. Unsure about your character? Try checking here.

3: We reserve the right to penalize the muns of OCs who act like Mary/Gary Sues even after their apps are accepted. If you want to specifically play a Sueish trait as a parody/deconstruction, contact us and we might be able to work something out.



 Oh goodness~ I've been back for like two weeks and I never said so! I've returned from hiatus!! Message or IM me if you wanna log at all! <3
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Hey there! My name is Cameron Witt (aka Repo Baxil) and I'll be roleplaying as Saya Otonashi. So, to tell you a little about myself... I'm a total movie buff, and I thoroughly enjoy PC and video games ;) oh, and I LOVE dogs! :D I really like anime, making art (particularly drawing and painting) and I love people in general, though I'm sometimes scared of humanity as a whole ;_; I suppose that's about it for me... I mean, there's just too many wonderful things to list here, so why bother? Besides, I might hurt myself trying to take on that kind of work load ;)

As for Saya... Saya has short black hair and deep brown eyes. She has a pretty figure and is approximately 5 feet and 6 inches tall, and typically wears her school uniform wherever she goes. Saya is usually a positive person, and strives to come off as being chipper and upbeat, in spite of the fact that she is most often under a lot of stress. She is generally very kind and thoughtful, although she has a quick temper and wears her heart on her sleeve. Saya has grown up in Japan all her life, though she has never taken much interest in keeping up with the news (politics, science, industry, etc.) or fads in pop culture. She is somewhat quick to judge, and first impressions mean a lot to her. Saya has always been very close to her friends and family, and always feels extremely driven to fulfill her supportive obligations as a friend or family member. She desires a career in photography after her graduation, though she still has several years to go. Saya joined the Alien Party due to a strange “fascination” (not necessarily a love of, mind you) she has with aliens, as well as to give herself something new and different to experience. Needless to say, having volunteered for such a service has never ceased to baffle even Saya’s closest friends.

So, I guess that's pretty much all for now :)  And if anybody wants to contact me for any reason at all, even just to chat, my email is, and I'm RepoBaxil on AIM.  I'm really looking forward to playing with you guys, and I'll se you soon :D